Alaska Part II: I Trained a Future Iditarod Champ

Hey hey baby cakes, I told you I’d be back! Let’s keep on keepin’ on with this Alaska recap why don’t we.

So where did we leave off? Oh yeahhhh that dreaded Savage River hike. Welp – I have some reallllll funny news for you. Since we last talked, I’ve found out a few more fun facts about Savage River believe it or not. The savage river bears are like REALLY real. Dan shared some casual stories with me that he’s been hearing from co-workers…oh ya know, like a bear attacking an Aramark tour bus driver on the trail we were on, another bear picking up a child by the pants and taking him into the woods, another bear being “bean bagged” by park service for weeks before being found with a broken arm and nose and then euthanized. WHAT. How are we alive? Do you understand why I was being so dramatic now?! K great thanks.

Moving right along….


We started the morning off bright and early with breakfast in the employee dining room before rushing to make our 7:30am white water rafting trip. Nothing like rafting in year round 35 degree water to wake you right up! Nature’s coffee I tell ya. I wish I liked coffee, all the cool kids are doing it. I digress… Because it was so rainy and icky this morning, we were the only ones on our trip – it was just us and our tour guide, which was actually super awesome! I kind of wish we took pictures in the waterproof clown costumes they gave us to wear. They were hilarious. We spent the next hour or so maneuvering some pretty gnarly rapids in most bitter cold glacial waters. It was so much fun!

After our eventful morning, we headed back to the village, showered off, and I explored the property a bit. Alaska is so beautiful even on a dreary day!

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