Alaska Part III: Just for the Halibut

Welp, it only took me 3 months to get to the 3rd and final recap of my trip to Alaska…last September. Life, man. BTW – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you ate all the Christmas cookies and drank all the hot chocolate and snugged by all the fireplaces. I know I sure did.

So where did we leave off? Oh right. Me being annoying and discovering a newfound love for comment cards at restaurants. It’s the little things, guys. Fair warning: this post is basically going to be a stream of photos because 1. I took a bajillion pictures on this part of the trip and 2. I honestly don’t remember the nitty gritty details of every single thing we did since it’s been a hot sec. K great. Let’s get to it.


Back to reality for Dan. I dropped him off at work, then took his car to the airport to do my Global Entry interview. Pro-tip #1: apply for global entry. It is life. It’s basically expedited clearance into U.S. customs. Aka no waiting in 2 hour customs lines. Aka you get in a customs line with fellow global entry peeps and the flight crew. That’s it. Oh anddddddd having global entry means you automatically have TSA pre-check for domestic flights. And it’s only $100 every 5 years (vs. TSA pre-check which is $85). So worth it you guys. Pro-tip #2: do your global entry interview at a less populated airport. The wait for global entry interview openings in SF is 6 months. The wait in Alaska? None! If you have a trip planned to another city or a have layover in a random airport, book an appointment! Okay, sales pitch over.

While Dan was at work I tried taking my bum foot out for a run. Good joke Heather. I don’t think I mentioned this in either of my past Alaska posts, but about a week before my trip I got in a wee bit of a motor scooter accident…while wearing flip flops. Yup. Smart. Let’s just say I didn’t really have any skin left on the top of my right foot. Wearing shoes proved to be quite the adventure. Hence the hilariousness of me trying to go on a run.

Anyway…I picked Dan up after work and we attempted to go shooting at the gun range but got there right as they were closing. Womp. Thank goodness for plan B – hiking Flattop Mountain!

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