Alaska Part I: Heyyyy Bear

“Heyyyyyyy bear!” The native Alaskan bear call that I am now beyond proficient at. We’ll get to that story in just a moment. Hang tight.

So you might have noticed (thanks to my overly aggressive social media activity as of late) that I just took an incredible trip to Alaska to visit one of my very best friends from high school and college, Dan. When I found out back in April that Dan was moving to Alaska, I knew I’d have to visit! Because I can’t sit still. Like ever. So naturally I booked my flights immediately after he accepted his job offer. YOLO. But seriously.

We had the most fun week ever and did soooo much – I haven’t laughed so hard in a while! Lucky for YOU, Dan + I are geniuses and decided to keep a journal (read: iPhone note) of everything we did during my trip. I’m most likely going to break this up into 2 or 3 parts since I have SO much to share and so many stories and don’t want you to have to read 7-mile long blog posts. So hang on to your (fur) hats, here we goooo…


After a short layover in Seattle, I made it to Anchorage around noon. Woohoooo I cannot believe I’m in ALASKA. What?! Is this real life? We dropped my luggage off at home and immediately drove down along the Seward Highway to check out Beluga Point and hopefully see some beluga whales or mountain sheep! No such luck since the tide was wayyyy out, but we were able to get some pretty stellar views of the Turnagain Arm waterway, the mountains, and even happened to see a train chug along right in front of us. I felt like I was in a movie. Look it!

Alaska Part I: Heyyyy Bear (more…)