5 Day Summer Reset: Meet Your Coaches

Happy Friday you lovely devoted people who still read my blog even though I have basically abandoned you! I have a special treat for you all today and can hardly wait to share. But before we get to that, can we please take a moment to acknowledge the fact that the 5 Day Summer Reset starts in just a few days?! CRAY. I feel like it was just yesterday that Stephanie and I were Skyping and having phone calls from across the country to come up with this fun challenge for ya’ll. When in reality it was 2 whole months ago. ALSO CRAY. Needless to say, A TON of things have changed since we first started brainstorming this little project (which is why it’s been delayed so many times). Sorry not sorry I had to move across the country.

End rant. To my point: Have you signed up yet?! If not, get on it girlllllll (and guyyyyyy)! Because we’re going to be sending you your meal plan, shopping list, and workouts really soon so you can get ready to start fresh on Monday.

The 5 Day Summer Reset is Coming! - Heather Pavlik RDN

Now – onto the special treat I mentioned! Stephanie and I thought it would be really fun to interview each other before diving into the challenge so you can all get to know us a little better. No one likes being bossed around by the food police (ahemmm me) or fitness police (ahemmm Stephanie) when they’re just trying to have fun during a fitness challenge! Yes we are here to coach and guide you, but there will definitely be NO judging around these parts. We’re just tryna have a good time, or as Kristin Wiig would say…

5 Day Summer Reset - Heather Pavlik RDN

Take it away Stephanie!

Name: Stephanie Benton

Current City: La Mesa, CA

Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Occupation: Pilates Instructor and Freelance Community Manager

Education: BA in Dance 🙂

5 Day Summer Reset - Heather Pavlik RDN

Tell me about a day in the life of Stephanie!

I am currently teaching Pilates classes and working one on one with private clients throughout the day. My class schedule varies but is typically split between mornings and evenings. Mid-day I am working on projects for clients in the social media space and also working on my blog. Somewhere in there I am fitting in a workout (sometimes I workout WITH my clients) and lunch lol!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I have always loved creative writing and health and fitness. A few months back I was getting laid off from my corporate job, and I figured my blog would be a great creative outlet for me and a way to keep myself busy. I never wanted to become unemployed and just sit around doing nothing, it’s just not in my personality. I think being “pushed out of the nest” so to speak and having to fend for myself is what really drives my passion for this blog. I love connecting with my readers and giving at least a little hope to someone else who may be going through similar life changes.

5 Day Summer Reset - Heather Pavlik RDN

Do you think your professional experience has helped you with your blog?

Yes, definitely! I have both sides of the spectrum being a Pilates instructor and having worked as a social media community manager. I gained a lot of experience and confidence in the corporate world that has helped me make a lot of meaningful connections in my online world! 🙂

What is your favorite thing about living in San Diego?

Obviously the weather is something not to ignore. We have had some strange humid weather lately thought it feels more like Puerto Vallarta. I love the vibe in San Diego. There are a lot of healthy restaurants popping up all over which is great! You can also head out to go on a hike in the morning and then hit the beach later in the afternoon. You can even hike in and out of some beaches! There is just so much opportunity for outdoor activities and it’s a shame that I don’t get outdoors more often. I need to do that!

How do you stay healthy with your busy schedule? 

I try to workout 4-6 times a week, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Being a Pilates instructor I teach mostly on the reformer and have to watch my clients form, so I am standing most of the time. I have some clients who know their form well, so I will workout along side them. I also hit the gym with my husband, which is a way we can spend time together. We like doing competitive workouts with each other. It helps us build teamwork and trust and really push each other. I pack food and snacks and a TON of water for when I am teaching also.

5 Day Summer Reset - Heather Pavlik RDN

Favorite kind of music to sweat to? 

It really depends on the workout. If I am lifting weights in the gym, I LOVE hip hop and rap. If I am doing Pilates I like songs with a good flow and minimal lyrics. If I am circuit training it has to be upbeat!

Favorite quote?

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter” – Francis Chan

Why did you want to create the 5 Day Summer Reset?

When Heather and I started dreaming up the concept, we wanted something that would be streamlined and simple. Sometimes when you try to take on a 90 day challenge, you lose steam half way through and it’s easy to quit. 5 days is doable, and you will feel better by the weekend you may not even want a cheat day. 🙂 I also wanted to share a small piece of myself to a broader audience, and inspire a few more people! I look forward to having so much fun next week!


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