The 5 Day Summer Reset is Coming!

As summer is heating up, we tend to let our health and fitness goals fizzle out. There are so many BBQs, vacations and pool parties to attend which usually leads to one too many hot dogs, margaritas or ice cream cones! Who wants to kick start their healthy lifestyle again after a long vacation and shape up for Labor Day?? The 5 Day Reset is EXACTLY what you are looking for. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s completely free! Sign up here to get all the dets!

The 5 Day Summer Reset is Coming! - Heather Pavlik RDN


The 5 Day Reset is a combination of the fitness prowess of Stephanie Benton and the nutrition ninja skills of Heather Pavlik. Over the 5 days, we will be providing you workouts and a meal plan. Along with that, you will also be given nutrition and fitness challenges each day!


You will receive 5 days of workouts, 5 days of meals and a shopping list, daily fitness challenges and daily nutrition challenges. Along with this, you will be added to our super top secret Facebook group so you will never feel alone! We realize how challenging it is to focus on your health and fitness, especially in the summer, so we want to be able to support you.

ALSO, you will have access to Stephanie and Heather personally via the Facebook group. You can ask us any questions you want related to fitness and nutrition. Nothing is off limits! When else have you been able to have access to a Pilates instructor and Registered Dietitian free of charge?!


Sign up for my special VIP mailing list or subscribe to Stephanie’s mailing list (better odds of winning prizes if you subscribe to both VIP lists!). Once you sign up for the mailing list, you will receive the 5 Day Summer Reset workout and nutrition plan as soon as they are released! We will be sharing all the resources you need a few days before the challenge so you have plenty of time to prepare. You will also be invited to our 5 Day Summer Reset Facebook Group!


So glad you asked! The awesome sauce people at KIND have graciously given us HUGE prize packages for our three winners. The email subscriber winner will receive the biggest package from KIND (over 25 different items!), a pair of beautiful rose gold earrings from Blueberry Circus and 2 headbands from True North Collection! The second place winners will receive smaller packages from Kind (still over 15 items), 2 headbands from True North Collection and a pair of gorgeous earrings from Blueberry Circus. The generosity of the 5 Day Summer Reset sponsors is amazing! You will be spoiled with gifts!

The 5 Day Summer Reset is Coming! - Heather Pavlik RDN


Make sure you sign up for the mailing list here. Also, make sure you are following @CohesiveFitness and @HeatherPavlik on Instagram and using #5DayReset2015 in any of your related posts! The grand prize will be selected from the list of email subscribers at random. The 2 second place winners will be selected based on engagement level. Use #5DayReset2015 on Instagram and post in the Facebook group to multiply your chances to win! We will be selecting the most engaged challengers for the second place prizes.

Spread the word to your friends and family, anyone is welcome to join! Challenges are always more fun when you are doing them with those you love and those who motivate you! We hope you love this short but sweet challenge and can’t wait to eat clean and train mean with ya’ll!


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